-Help is on the way! Trained professionals who have experience with all types of spaces are here to help you create a system of organization that you can keep up with because it makes sense for your life.

-We work fast when we are given the ability to help you with decision making. You tell us your goals and we aim to accomplish them. Whether you are just looking for help with re-arranging, creating manageable storage systems, or doing a complete purge and overhaul we're happy to help you get there.

-You space will look as good as the upkeep. If you want pristine Pinterest worthy spaces its best to do touch-up services 1-3x per month. If you just want a fresh start that you can maintain we can help create the system that works best for you! Just remember not to hesitate to call us if you need another refresh in a few months.

The fact that you have entrusted your space to us shows the lengths you are willing to go to get things back on track and you should not be embarrassed by that at all. It is our aim to get things back into a system that makes sense and is practical to maintain and we are happy to try our best to achieve that. Afterall, we wouldnt be in business without you!

If you have a theme or supplies/products that assist you with storage or decluttering please let us know, we can also help with product suggestions as well. It's best not to have too many individuals in the space you intend us to work in, if possible, and that the working area is clear minors and children. For cases of severe clutter we do ask that you go through as many items as you can before hand and create a purge/donate pile to help us maximize time for your session.

Once we know your goals and expectations our trained professionals are fully capable of getting the task done alone. If there are personal items or documents in the space we are working in we may ask that these items be stored away while we work. We also can incorporate "assignments" which usually consist of purging, folding, trying on pieces, and is offered to clients interested in helping out.

Most sessions are done in 4hrs and based on the severity you may need multiple sessions in the future to get to exactly how you would like your space to look. Regardless of if you book 1 or several sessions we always make sure to leave your place better than when we came.

We encourage every client to do manageable and practical things such as set small goals/tasks for a room, get your family involved in upholding your system for decluttering, and focusing on small areas on specific days. Be sure to ask about our DIY organization kits that we customize to fit your lifestyle and organizing style that fits you best.